How Word Of Mouth
Advertising Works

Word of mouth advertising works so well because people are generally happy after having a positive experience and want to share it with others.  It is simply part of our nature and who we are.

Everyday of our adult lives we are marketing in one way or another without realizing it, and the worst thing is we are not being paid for it.  Think about this, any time we recommend a purchase we made, or a service we received, we are effectively advertising for someone Else's goods or services and these people/companies are in line to make considerable income from our efforts and the efforts of other who do the same.

This in its self is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.  It should however serve as a lesson to us all as to the power of word of mouth advertising and how it will play a vital role in our own endeavors to build a successful network marketing business, especially if we are building in the wellness arena.  Whenever we notice or feel a dramatic change in the way we look or feel it is only natural that we want to share our results with others.

Face to face communication is the most powerful way of transmitting a message from one person to another.  Human conversations involve
much more than simply words – cues such as voice tone and body language also convey important information such as enthusiasm,
sadness, emotion and truthfulness.

More people than ever are turning to product review sites and seeking the opinions of others to help them determine what to buy and where to buy it.  Many people find referrals to be much more credible than traditional advertisements, and that is because they are getting the information they want from someone they trust, a person who has either brought the product or service themselves so they can pass on their unbiased thoughts and recommendations.

Network Marketing is based around word of mouth to convey our message, it is our "bread and butter" and without it our business
simply will not grow.  It is therefor important that we are naturally excited, enthusiastic, proud, and have a positive attitude towards our goals and what we are wanting to achieve. 

As mentioned earlier people pick up cues in our voice tone and body language so if we seem a bit flat or lack confidence then this will show through and could hinder our ability for success.

Learn how to build more confidence for your word of mouth advertising.

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