Time Money And Health

TIME is the number one thing that people want more of in their lives. Without time on our hands we are stuck, we can't do the things
we want even if we have all the money we need and the good fortune of being fit and able to enjoy whatever it is that we have been
planning to enjoy. If we are struggling to find the time to do the things we want then there is no doubt we have fallen victim to having someone else control how we spend our time, ie usually our employer.

When you own your own time you get to wake up when you want to, without an alarm clock. You take as long as you like to have breakfast.
What comes next in your day is completely up to you. You may like to do some work, knock over some chores, do exercise, catch up with
friends or family provided they have the same freedom with time that you have. You may want to travel. Who knows? The list is endless
with possibilities when you own your own time.

MONEY! Who doesn't want more money? Without money what can we do? Not a lot when you think about it. Money accounts for such a
large piece of the freedom puzzle. Even the simple things in life that many of us take for granted, in one way or another require
some amount of money.

Most of us have just enough money to scrape by after paying for all of our living expenses, but what about when we need to pay for those unexpected hiccups that life throws at us? We may need new clothes, car repairs, school fees, we may even find ourselves without a job.

We now live in a time where it is more important than ever to be able to take control of our financial situation. I am sure we have all heard about the Global Financial Crisis by now and the doom and gloom it is casting all over the world, with the threats of more companies on the verge of closure - leading to more job losses and financial hardship for many around the world.

Health: At this point, I don't want to delve into this topic too deeply other than to say - having good health makes life more enjoyable than not having it!. When you are fit and healthy, you have a lot more energy and a much brighter outlook on life than if your health is poor .

For me, planning my future endeavours without the thoughts of colds and flu, headaches and migraines, nausea, fatigue (to name a few) is the way to go. These are (to me) all avoidable and , like me you will find that with good health, you will have much more enjoyment spending your free time doing whatever you want, and spending your money.

Do you think you have enough time to do all the things that you want to do?

Do you feel you have enough energy and vitality to attack your day as you would like to?

Have you got the finances needed to live comfortably without any worries?

When it comes to owning our life we need to remember that Time, Money and Health all work in synergy, and when one is missing the
others become a lot less valuable.

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