Did you know that one of the most lucrative financial opportunities around today is in the wellness industry. Why? Because everyone wants better health, they want to look younger live longer and enjoy life more as they age. And today there are proven things that people can do to feel better, loose weight, prevent sickness and disease, look younger and feel stronger even as they grow older.

There is scientific evidence that our health problems are related to a combination of nutritional deficiency and environmental toxicity. There is also a growing appreciation of the body's natural physiological capabilities to support health and wellness.

The wellness industry is based on giving the body what it needs to support optimal health and quality of life. Traditionally most people have belonged to the sickness industry as they would only take an interest in their health when they were unwell. The focus of medicine in the last few centuries has revolved around treating disease instead of preventing the cause of it.

Today the wellness industry is at $500 billion in sales , up from $200 billion in sales 5 years ago. Wellness will double again to $1 trillion in sales in the next 5 years. Both by itself and as a counter force of the terrible effects caused by the $1.3 trillion bad food industry and the $2 trillion sickness industry.(1)

This movement towards wellness began slowly but is now rapidly gaining momentum as the affluent Baby Boomer generation leads the way with a commitment to retaining their wellness. Their commitment is to be proactive and prevent ill health and degenerative and autoimmune diseases rather than waiting until their onset and then treating the symptoms.

"As the Baby Boomers reach their 60's wellness is becoming an investment more and more of our population is turning toward. And while the investment is affordable to almost anyone, the dividends are priceless." 1

So how does one tap into the wellness industry? There are many ways that people can tap into this exploding industry but the one that has the most potential is the Network Marketing Business, also known as One-to-One Marketing, Direct Marketing, Referral Marketing, or Relationship Marketing. Why does this have so much potential?

Because you have a complete line of wellness products already made, all you have to do is market them.

The start up cost is very low, most have a start up cost of under $100.

Low Risk and flexible.

No Lay-offs.

Greater control over time and activities.

More time with family.

Less time spent commuting.

Residual Income.

Can be run almost entirely from home.

People joining the wellness revolution are interested in their health and want to increase their knowledge about health, fitness, and products which may help them prevent disease whilst treating problems naturally.

If you would like to profit from the wellness industry, from the baby boomer's and the health conscious people that are spending billions per year on nutritional and wellness products, then feel free to contact me for more information!

(1). Paul Zane Pilzer, The Perfect Storm Of Opportunity,p6,p8, 2007 ZCI, Inc

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Are You Interested In The Wellness Industry?

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The Perfect Storm Of Opportunity


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