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1.- HEALTH Almost 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma - a form of cancer, marked by a lesion in my hip bone.. The news was a total shock. The Specialist immediately stressed the importance of putting me on a program of chemotherapy or radiation. I said I needed time to consider my decisions about his recommendation, Eventually he accepted that I take "a very short time" to do so, and to then report back to him. Because I have access to very beneficial supplements - minerals, herbs and vitamins, I spent time reading a lot about possible benefits, and also I consulted a Wholistic Doctor, who is familiar with these Products. He planned with me a program involving the use of some of these Products, plus a nutritional program.

The Specialist insisted that I have a regular blood test and check-up every 3 months, and an xray every 15 months to check on the lesion (or the formation of any more lesions). At each appointment, he has asked about beginning a chemotherapy regime - even though there has been over time a steady improvement in the indicator bood tests. I have declined each time.. Last Novermber he commented to a medical-student, who was observing, - "This lady has not been undertaking a chemotherapy or radiation program. It appears that we have made the correct decision" (WE have made!!) He never mentioned to the student that I follow a program involving health supplements - although I have told him about this.

In Jan., more improvements, and NO SIGN OF ANY LESIONS ANYWHERE IN THE BONES. So the 3 month appointments were changed to 6months. After my most recent blood test, my GP contacted the Specialist to say - "No need for the next appointment." The Specialist is very wary about this - but he (almost grudgingly) agrees that over time there has been a marked improvement. His phone-comment recently - "It seems strange, because your file shows that the beginnining of this diagnosis you were listed as being very strongly recommended for chemotherapy",

Maybe I should continue to visit him in the hope that one day he will feel free to ask me about the program I have been following!! It has obviously been very beneficial for me. I'm happy to share my benefits and information about my wonderful Products with others.

Bernadette, Sydney Australia

2.- HAIR During the past few months, I have been attending a different Hairdresser, for my regular shampoo and trim. On my first visit, she asked me about my hair products, and she said, " I'm interested in what you use, as you have a very very clean scalp and your hair-texture is very good..." I always take my own products with me as I am very particular about using products which do not contain any harmful ingredients.- so I produced my Shampoo, Conditioner and Moisturising- mist. She has become very interested in how effective these are, and often repeats that comment.. She always remembers at each appointment to ask me if I have my products with me and is now enquiring about how she can access them. It is good to have professional backing for products which I have found ( for 12 years) to be highly satisfactory, and which are guaranteed as "safe" by the manufacturers.

Bernadette, Sydney Australia

3.- SKIN As I have progressed through my 50s and 60s, I have been very fortunate to have been able to access and to use very good skin-care products and cosmetics. My skin-care routine has been very simple - daily program, using a gentle cleanser, a moisturiser and barrier cream, plus occasional use of a wrinkle-product and a firming -product. This is such a simple process, with no use of harsh strippers, etc. And every product I use is free of any harmful ingredients. (There is a definite guarantee of this from the manufacturing Company).

Some time ago, the Teller at my Bank, who had been dealing with me for about 15 years, said to me , " I hope you don't mind a personal question - but have you had a face-lift?" I saw this as a compliment, and assured her that if my face/skin had changed, it was as a result of the beautiful care from my skin-care products, as well as the very gentle cosmetic products. (Definitely no face-lift!) Also, I am convinced that my skin reflects the benefits of wonderfully helpful mineral and vitamin supplements, which I am lucky enough to obtain from the same Company, and which help me in many ways to balance my body's requirements.

The second compliment I received was recently, from a group of friends at a school reunion - all of us now in our 70s Others were amazed by the texture of my skin, compared to theirs - Mine is almost wrinkle-free and with very few blemishes. It wasn't hard to explain the reasons. I actually felt sad as I looked at the faces of my peers, whose skin really seemed to be crying out for help and repair.. We compared notes, of course, and some had been to incredible expense with treatments, etc. Their questions indicated their amazement that my products and program are proving so effective and beneficial, and it was so good to be able to help those interested in accesssing my 'secrets"

Bernadette, Sydney Australia

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