What Are Super Foods

What we eat can either contribute to the prevention of a wide range of illnesses or cause them. We all may be adding more fruit and vegetables to our diets, but increasing concern for the quality of foods grown on mineral depleted soils makes super foods popular. They are nutritionally more potent then regular foods and are wonderful food sources of anti-oxidants for healthy healing.

Imagine a food -- not a drug -- powerful enough to help you lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, and, for an added bonus, there are no side effects? Even more of a bonus is these nutritional packed super foods are available right now in your local supermarket.

"The effect that diet can have on how you feel today and in the future is astounding," says nutritionist Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy, Food & Mood, and The Essential Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.

"Even people who are healthy can make a few tweaks and the impact will be amazing," Somer says. "I'd say that 50% to 70% of suffering could be eliminated by what people eat and how they move: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension can all be impacted." You don't need specific foods for specific ailments.

A healthy diet incorporating a variety of nutrient rich foods will help you maintain your weight, fight disease, and live longer. One thing they all have in common: "Every super food is going to be a 'real' (unprocessed) food," Somer points out. "You don't find fortified potato chips in the super food category."

Super foods can be divided into 5 main groups

1. Green superfoods

2. Bees superfoods

3. Seaweed superfoods

4. Herb superfoods

5. Fruit and Nut superfoods

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