Stock on shelves during lockdowns

Walking through the airports during my frequent travels (when we could at least) I was looking at the the shops that had been forced to close there doors through no fault of their own, just victims of current circumstance, and one thing that really stuck out to me was the even though the shops were closed they were still full of stock! Now this shouldn't come as any surprise because that's how shops operate, but when a shop is full of stock and has now had its ability to move the stock on, this now becomes a big reason for concern.

This doesn't just relate to the airports, this is happening to shop owners in towns and cities all over the world, and perhaps from what I am seeing Melbourne and Sydney are some of the worst hit people in the world at this moment with restaurants cafes and retail taking an absolute beating.

Effectively all the inventory they have in stock is now money sitting idle on the shelves. These shop owners can't get a refund on their purchases and they still have to make payments on the stock that they are still carrying, many of the people in the hospitality industry need to throw out their food products because they will not keep, they will never get a chance to resell them again, even when the lock downs end, the money will never be recouped. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out that money going out without money coming back in is not a good business model, with no product turn over there is no income.

As we've seen over the past year and a half, the lock downs especially in Australia are not exactly one off events, every time another lock down is put in place the pressure on business owners mount. Not only is this a financial burden, but the toll it must be taking on these peoples mental health, family, and social lives must be terrible.

Purely based on a financial perspective, these lock downs cannot keep going without having major impacts on businesses bottom line, we are already seeing that these impact have been so dire that businesses are closing down all over the country because they simply can not sustain the flow on effects of lock downs, having to pay for products they cannot re sell.

Stock On Shelves In A Lockdown Can Be A Real Problem

So what is the answer for the future? That's a good question, unfortunately I do not have a silver bullet solution that will get everything back to normal immediately and get us back to where we were before. If it is a business that suits your way of life because you are driven to build something for yourself and for your future, something you can pour your creativity and passion into but now, maybe you have started thinking that your current business model is not something you think will be sustainable in the future, especially if these lock downs continue.

For the business owners and builders, is it worth trying business again given the potential for lock downs and uncertainty, or is employment a better option for the future?

What type of business has a better chance of staying viable, have a lot less disruption, and have limited if any stock holding requirements? One idea for future business is social marketing, direct marketing, network marketing. A massive advantage of the Social Marketing system is that you never need to stock carry or hold your own stock, that is taken care of by the parent company you represent/market for.

What is required from us to create an income stream is to build/create a market, but that doesn't mean a physical market, rather a network of people who are seeking to buy the products you promote. It is a business powered by people, for the people that is mobile/cell phone and computer friendly. It can be built from home or on the go, and given that it is a phone and computer friendly business you need not worry about lock downs and social distancing.

If this is something you would like to investigate further please click here to contact us and we can see if its the right fit for you.

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