Simple Errors In Judgement

Making simple errors in judgement is one of the biggest road blocks we have when setting out to accomplish the things we want most in life. Meaning that at times when we know what we should be doing, we tend to slacken off and do other things even though we know these will not lead us to greater things but will end up sabotaging our success. 

Everyone in their own mind has an idea or a dream of how they want their life to pan out.  But we all have a tendency to allow simple errors in judgement to slip into our lives, and these little slips, repeated over an extended period of time, are going to have a negative effect on how fast we achieve our goals in the future.  The longer we put things on hold the longer it will be before we experience the change you desire. 

Often it is just the little things like choosing to read a few pages of a book to grow in our personal development or taking simple actions like writing a blog post or sticking to a diet or fitness plan, or extending help to someone in need.  All these things are simple disciplines and are easy to achieve.  But the reality is that the easy things to do in life are also the easy things not to do, which is why a lot of us tend to find ourselves not progressing forward and seeing the results we want.

This is something that we need to recognise so we can then go about changing our habits.  Jerry Clark says "Every day in every way we are either repeating simple disciplines or simple errors in judgement" and that is why we are who we are, and where we are today. 

It's the simple things that seem as if they won’t make a big difference at that particular point in time that, if repeated enough over time will compound and have a big impact on what we are wanting to accomplish in the future.

Whatever the aims  - To achieve financial success, to help others achieve there goals, to travel around the world, to be able to step out of our comfort zone we must make the choice.  Do we repeat simple disciplines we know we need to repeat in order to succeed or do we allow a simple lapse in judgement to slip in and deny us the very things that we want?

We need to repeat simple disciplines and to avoid errors of judgement, and to take action consistently over a sustained period of time to get the results we want and more so live the lives we want.  Remember what we don't get done today will impact where we are 5 - 10 years from now.  Is lounging around on the couch more important than taking control of our lives?

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