Sexy Sells

Ever heard the term sexy sells? We have all heard the term "Sex Sells", and have no doubt seen it used extensively in advertising, but what about "Sexy Sells"? And what makes something sexy enough that people want to have it?

We are all drawn to things that are visually pleasing to the eye, things that instantly stand out from the norm and have a certain pop and wow factor. On a deeper level we also look for the benefits of a new brand, how they will make us feel both inside and out. They should be as, or more effective than what we are used to, they must meet our individual needs and requirements, they must be developed to promote a healthier me as well as a healthier home to live in. As well as being safe and effective, they also need to look good and add an element of style and sophistication to the area of the house they are designed for.

I think it would be fair to say we all want things in our lives we feel we will benefit from, and as a result, will have a positive experience. Whatever makes us feel good about ourselves is something we crave and want more of.  As a result, people are likely to pay for anything they believe is the best, anything that makes them feel special, unique and important, or anything that makes them stand out from the crowd. We all want to look good and feel good and people are willing to pay for it.

We all love the experience of unpacking a new and exciting product, and will continue to do so time and time again if we find the product to live up to our expectations. Knowing this we as potential business owners/builders now need to find a way to put what is sexy in front of potential customers and make it easy and convenient for them to discover and research  products, and ultimately to buy if they are happy with what they see.

Making Sexy Sell. How Do We Do This?

Sexy socially networked world

We need to get into the business of sharing, because today we live in a socially networked world, where sharing is becoming a major driving force in our economy. This coupled with the fact that we also live in an online era, with social medias, mobile apps and E-commerce websites that are all contributing to make marketing more exciting and easier than ever before for us to create and build a business by sharing our thoughts, feelings, ideas and products with the masses.

What is going to attract the next generation of business builders, the entrepreneurs of the future?

Share what's sexy and benefit

It has to be sexy, it has to make sense, be easy to understand and be uncomplicated, it must be fresh and take advantage of technology, but at the same time retain the simplicity of word of mouth sharing and human interaction styled to compliment natural conversations.

Promoting and sharing with others about a company that creates stylish safe and smart, non-toxic, healthy and efficacious, modern, fun and uncomplicated products that are designed to work.  A company that has pioneered a sexy new marketing approach that will appeal to most people, maybe most of all to the millennials who are the new driving force in today’s economy. With more and more people embracing mobile/cell phones, tablets and computers than ever before to stay in touch, to communicate and share this is truly a great time to be involved.

Food For Thought

One of the best ways to feel sexy is to feel good, both from the inside and from the outside.  When we feel good,  and better than we have in a long time, it starts to show.  We have more energy as well as a better attitude towards life. The small things no longer seem to bother us as much.

How do we make ourselves feel good?  There are many ways we can do this but the best way would be to start with the basics. The experts recommend we clean up the way we eat, have less sugary and processed foods, eat more fresh fruit and veg and try to drink more water to keep ourselves properly hydrated and to help flush out any unwanted waste. We should also aim to increase our physical activity levels.

When we show a positive change in our own appearance, people also start to notice and want to know what we are, or have been doing differently.  We now become in a small way a person of influence in our circle of friends and peers because we can now share with them what we have learnt with what works and what doesn’t work.

When we look good and feel good our confidence in ourselves grows, and we all know that people are attracted to confidence.  Confidence helps sell you as a person, to sell your story or your mission and plans for your future. Think about this for a moment, what is sexier than someone that looks good, feels good and as a result is brimming with confidence?  I can't think of too many things.

To find out more on what's sexy and how you can benefit simply click here.

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