Repeat Exposure

How can we use repeat exposures to help us overcome our anxiety when it comes to introducing new people to our business idea?

Repeat exposure simply means means we are going to drip feed the idea to people in small doses over a period of time.  We can do this throughout the course of a conversation with people we know or as an introduction to someone we have just met.

We do not have feel like we need to "prospect" the person, what we need to do is just say what we are into, what we have on the burner and what has us excited about getting up in the morning.  No more needs to be done after this point unless of course we are asked questions, then we can talk further on the topic.

Network marketing is built around our ability to interact with others, therefor we need to find the best way to communicate our message, a way that alleviates the fear and anxiety that most of us are faced with in the beginnings of our networking careers.

One of the best ideas I have come across, that nearly all industry heavy weights I have studied and learn't from is to just expose the idea without feeling a need to get and immediate answer.

The thought of getting out and starting to introduce our new business venture with the world can quickly fill even the the toughest among us with a fear that is so debilitating that it can stop us from pushing forward with our business.

To eliminate the fear of being rejected, and taking that rejection as a personal hit, we need to remove ourselves from any situation that will accommodate this scenario, because the worst way to begin this business is with a lot of emotional failure, debates, and irritation.

If we think that we need to get an answer straight away, we are immediately placing unneeded pressure on ourselves to perform, and if thing don't go according to plan then we are more likely to take it to heart.

We should never present anymore information than what people are after because it gives a person reason to be defensive and reject our idea because it come across as you pushing things onto them that they are not interested in.  Do not think that we need to get an answer straight away, by simply exposing the idea, we can judge by the reaction from others whether they are interested or not.

By exposing the business in small steps, we are not directly asking someone to join us, so if they do express that they are not interested or have something less than flattering to say about the industry then it is less likely than it will be taken as a personal attack rather just them expressing there thoughts about the business.

What I have found is that some people had heard of it, some people hadn't, some people had even heard of the company I am involved with, some people showed some interest while others showed none, but very rarely do I fear the outcome.


  • It gives the person a chance to express their thoughts and feelings about the topic.
  • It does not put pressure on the person to give you an answer.
  • It can act as a conversation starter the next time you meet or talk on the phone.
  • The next exposure can be initiated by you or the other person.
  • It takes the pressure off us to get a decision on the first or even second exposure.
  • It helps build our confidence.
  • There is the possibility to find out what interest's the person about the business.
  • We can judge the interest levels of the person by how they respond.
  • Repeat exposure is an indirect approach which greatly reduces the chance of direct criticism and prevents us from taking it personally.

Expose the idea, let it be known what it is that we are into and then leave it at that.  This way people know what we are doing and gives them a chance to ask any questions they may have. 

Alternatively they can voice their opinion, if they are negative towards the idea then fine, we can stop wasting our time and energy talking about it.  The more time we spend trying to convince someone into doing what they don't want, the higher the chance is of getting frustrated and or rejected.

Use repeat exposure to build your own home based business

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