The Problem With Processed Foods

Bad food choices, eg processed foods, as everyone probably knows by now will at some stage lead to some sought of health complaint, whether it be headaches, heart burn, acne, rashes, weight gain, stress, diverticulosis, ect.

Another problem with eating to much processed foods is that it can over time become addictive, then a cycle starts to form where you develope cravings for more of the same types of these foods. Eat to much fried foods or sugar-filled food, and you will start to crave it even more. Packet chips and salted nuts are nothing more than disguised cravings for salt and fat.

These foods steal valuable nitrition from your body simply because they have very little nutrition in them to start with but are high in energy and trans fats, and this means that more of the body’s precious vitamin, mineral and enzyme stores is required to metabolise these processed foods. If this behaviour is a daily occurrence, which it is in most western “civilised” countries, then you will find yourself soon running out of energy and always feeling tired, sick and more than likely packing on the pounds.

Sugar is possibly the most addictive of the trio, try coming off a chocolate habit, you'll probably get cranky, have headaches, mood swings, cravings, as if you had a minor addiction, and that is how the sweets industry survives by feeding that addiction.

Sugary foods and carbohydrates release serotonin, a chemical that makes you initially feel good. However, the effect is just temporary and can lead to a roller coaster effect. You'll feel good for just a short time, but then you feel bad when your serotonin level goes back down, and thats when the cravings cycle starts again searching for another energy boost.

In plain farm talk, you reap what you sow. A change in nutritional habits and practice is an absolute must if one wants to achieve a healthy, energetic life.

We all know how much we like change though – We Don’t and generally we won’t change unless the pain or cost of staying in the same old sick and tired state outweighs the cost of making the change to healthy life generating food choices.

Having said all that, we now have to change our food selection. This will be perceived to be quite difficult since your taste buds have adapted to a super elevated taste sensation which is available in all processed and most packet foods and not in natural fresh foods.

One of the problems is that most fruit and vegetables we find at the supermarket have been picked very early to ensure that they can last the travel time and shelf life time to look nice and bright on the shelf.

The problem with that is they were picked way before the sun was allowed to develop the natural sugars in the fruit or vegetable which make them taste great. You know, you can never buy a tomato from the store that tastes like Grandma’s home grown tomato’s.

So What Is The Solution?

There are a couple of things we do.

1. Buy from the organic fresh food outlets who support local farmers and have fresh fruit and veg that is vine ripened and full of taste if they have been diligent, ethical and responsible in their growing and labelling of product

2. Buy from the local farmers markets which are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. You can often find organic and chemical free produce from farmers at the markets too. It is a good idea to think of the colours of the rainbow when buying fruit and veg.

Major in buying the green vegetables, they are the most healing and nutritionally rich, followed by the purples and deep reds found in purple cabbage and red capsicums (peppers).

Buy as many coloured vegetables as you can, take them home, wash them, and cut them up into pieces and store them in tupperware airtight containers in the fridge.

Now you have salad ready to eat raw, or ready to grab a handful of each one and throw in the wok to quickly stir fry.

Natural nutrient dense fruit and vegetable not only taste great but they also have more fibre which is quite filling. They take longer to eat and this allows the satisfied feeling to occur naturally before you have over eaten in volume or in calories.

In comparison, with the processed foods, we want to keep eating and it takes longer for the satisfaction feeling to kick in.

So not only are we inclined to eat more, we also eat more calories because processed foods are usually very energy high and very nutritionally poor. i.e. very low in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and fibre.

Remove Processed foods and remove a cause of sickness

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