The Pomegranate Farm

How The Pomegranate Farm was born. We needed something to grow on our 100 acre Demeter certified Biodynamic family farm, something that we could grow that would benefit others.

My aunty came across an article on pomegranates growing in Australia and suggested to my mother that it might be worth looking into. Thankfully my mother took it on board and decided to take the leap and plant the first 340 trees. The first 3 years weren't without there problems. Hares, hot weather and hand watering made things very challenging, none the less my mother persevered and later on together with my brother and father another 1200 trees were planted and an irrigation system established.

Fast forward 7 years and we now have around 1500 trees and that are starting to show promise and produce excellent quality fruit which leads me to my next exciting piece of news. We are now into juice! And not just any juice but 100% Biodynamic pomegranate juice, plus we sell the whole fruit as well.

Pomegranates are known in some circles as the tree of life and to make sure it lives up to this we grow our produce using Biodynamic principals to promote soil microbiology to assist nature do what it does best, growing healthy abundant vibrant and nutrition rich plants.

We noticed a lot of other pomegranate juice companies are using juice from concentrate, re-constituted juice. Ours is 100% pure juice, straight from the tree to the bottle, nothing added along the way and nothing removed

 As well as trying to grow the best possible quality produce as we can we also promote promote healthy living through better shopping choices from the house hold consumables to nutritional support supplements to personal care needs all aimed to help support and maintain the body as naturally as we can to achieve optimum health. You can find out more by clicking here.

Be sure to head on over and check out our new website at The Pomegranate Farm

Our Mission

To work with nature to produce and share the most dynamically beneficial produce available

So Why The Biodynamic Approach To Our Farming Practices?

We used to be conventional farmers reliant on chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. That was until our family got sick. We knew something had to change; that's when we were introduced to bio-dynamic farming.

Biodynamic farm visitations opened our eyes to the diversity of healthy plant species, their copious root structures and depth of soil penetration to the health and contentment of livestock. So began our adoption to the Demeter Biodynamic method of farming  - an enhanced form of organic farming - to dynamically improve the quality of our soil biology and so pass on the dynamics and flavour to whatever plant or animal species we chose to work with.

This means we utilize Biodynamic 500 preparation, multi species cover crops, mowing and rotational grazing to promote root and plant growth at their own speed. In turn this stimulates the beneficial soil microbes (earthworms, bacteria, fungi & many more) who interact with the soil, providing nutrients to be taken up by the fine feeder roots of the pomegranate tree.

In 2007 we introduced pomegranates to our farming practices believing them to be a dynamically beneficial fruit that would handle our climate.

Why Is Our Pomegranate Juice So Great?

  • Tastes how pure pomegranate juice should. Our juice is made of no less than 14 pomegranates per bottle. It is 100% juice and not made from concentrate, straight from the tree to the bottle, nothing removed and nothing added, just pure juice
  •  Locally grown on our small family farm nestled near the heart of the Barmah forest in northern VIC Australia
  • No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are applied to our land, we use Bio-dynamic farming practices

Some additional information you might like to read re the health benefits of pomegranates

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