The Perfect Business Model

What would be the perfect business model for you?  If your anything like me then you are no doubt fed up being an employee working for a wage and have been searching for an escape from the dreaded rat race.

It is my firm belief, that in order for any of us to make any significant income then we must venture into the world of owning our own business, it's either that or surrender to the fact that we will have to trade our precious time for money, work our buts off and grovel our way up the corporate ladder until the day we can retire.

With so many possibilities floating around we need to ask ourselves the questions, what will bring in continuous income?  What are the necessities of life, the things we cannot live without?  What will keep people coming back time and time again to purchase products?

Think about this for a moment.  In order for a business to be successful and make money, a transaction of a product or service has to take place for an agreed fee.  So knowing that, we are now faced with more than a few options as to what type of business we are going to partake in. 

We could invent something new and exciting that people may want, then we will have to market and advertise the product all before a single item is sold.  The hardest part of this is to actually come up with the invention that people need or want and are going to keep purchasing year in year out to produce a continual flow of income.

Alternatively we could go down the path of a traditional business and open up a store or franchise and sell a range of products, or we could provide some type of service from legal to financial, building to earth moving or anything in between.

Now lets consider a company that manufactures consumable products, meaning they manufacture products that are consumed everyday, every week, every month without fail.  This in turn means that, there is always going to be a constant demand for these products, regardless of time of year, location or economic situation.

These companies manufacture and distribute everyday products such as body wash and soaps, shampoo's, conditioners, skin care , house hold cleaners and disinfectants, dish washing liquids, laundry powders, fabric softeners, nutritional support products, weight loss and energy products, and makeup products for the ladies.

A majority of these products we use everyday without giving any thought that, when we do buy these products we are actually leaving money on the table.  What I mean by that is, when we purchase something, we hand over the cash and they hand over the product and that's where it ends.

What most people don't realize is that there is an alternative, there is actually a way that you can purchase a product, the same way as previously mentioned and get paid to do so.  We have the opportunity to actually make money back on the products they buy.  Better still, we can also position ourselves in a way that will allow us to benefit financially from other people buying these products as well.

Now how can this be possible?   It has a lot to do with the companies distribution model, but for people like you and I there are only 2 simple steps we need to consider.  First step is to change brands, Second step is to show people how to do the same.  It may sound to good to be true but this is what I believe is The Perfect Business Model and the Home Business Of The Future.

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