Why Own Your Own Business?

Why should you consider building your own business? For me this is a simple question because for too  long frustration has been building up inside me knowing there was more to life than what I had been experiencing.

I had been sick and tired of rocking up to the same old dead end job, putting up with the same old hierarchy,  who seemed to be there only to make people’s lives miserable.   Also I was not happy about having a very low ceiling level put on the amount of money I could earn. Trading my time for money in the traditional sense just did not excite me one little bit especially when my efforts were rarely acknowledged.

People generally start their own business for a number of reasons :-

First  -  the money aspect is very appealing because in most cases there is no ceiling to the earning potential,  because there is almost always opportunity for growth no matter what the industry you are involved in. 

If you own your own business you get paid first. Only after all reasonable business deductions have been taken out,  the tax is then taken from the remaining income.  This is the direct opposite of being an employee,   where your tax is deducted before you receive your pay.

Second – Owning your own business gives you the freedom to be your own boss,  and the flexibility to work from home. You get to build a business around your passion and do things that excite you,   rather than doing things because you have to.  It also allows you to choose both your own work hours and what you want to achieve.

Third - In your own business, You work with the people you choose.  There is no need to work with people you may have a conflict with and you most certainly do not have to put up with the hierarchy who are in control of your working environment and your working career.  Also, there are fewer issues involved with having to make choices between family and/or work.

Fourth -  Being business owners allows people to be creative and to seek independence through their own ideas and enterprises.  When you have your own business you are in control of your own future,  and you make the rules.  You are working to build on your own dreams and not someone else's, as  would usually be the case  if/when you are working for an employer.

Fifth - With technology and the internet nowadays,  it is possible to build a local, national or  international business from remote locations, so you get to choose where you live and work.  In many cases you can stay on top of business even while traveling.

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