Dealing With Objections

One of the biggest road blocks we face in Network Marketing is the ability to deal with objections.  And a major reason why many people don't talk to other people is because they are afraid that someone is going to ask them what they do and they won't know what to say.

This is one of the biggest reasons that hold people back from communicating with others, it is the fear of having someone we are
talking to ask a question that we do not know how to answer, or we lack the confidence to answer the question in a way that will keep the interest of the other person.

This may be because we are brand new to the industry and have not yet learned the things we need to successfully carry out a conversation, or it may just be that we are a little shy and lack the confidence to carry out a business conservation.  Whatever the reason, it can feel debilitating more times than not and is a major reason why many people do not find the success they hoped they would.

I have been reading many books about network marketing as well as listening to CD's.  One of the best pieces of advice I picked up was from Jerry Clark's CD entitled "High Achievement Network Marketing" and in that CD was a section devoted to dealing with objections and or rejections. 

To get the full impact of his message I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy as it is full of real case scenarios and his delivery of the topic is straight to the point with a humorous edge.

I want to share some answers that I found helpful and that will hopefully help you when dealing with some of the most common objections we face when discussing our business. 

Jerry also recommends that the initial meeting should be kept brief and that you state early on in your call/meeting that you do not have a lot of time at the moment to discuss the in's and out's of the business at length. This will then place you in a more powerful position when questions start being asked. 

We need to be prepared to respond to a few initial questions when we first call our new contact/potential partner.  If it is made clear from the start that we have a limited amount of time, we can avoid feeling pressured to try and give detailed information, something that we may be a little unsure about ourselves.

When starting out it has been said that the best information comes from a third party source, be it CD's to listen to, your team leader, the company's website, ect.

Some examples and sample responses of how to deal with objections and questions.

Q:  What kind of company is it? 

A:  It is a wellness/healthy homes based company targeting a multi billion dollar industry.  They are positioning themselves for global expansion.  But to give you the full picture I would really recommend you check out this website (your company's website) or check out this DVD, ect.

Q:  Can you tell me a little bit more?   

A:  I'm sure you are going to have questions and that is why I called because I have some information I want to give to you that sets out the basic concept and can explain things better than I can right now over the phone  Besides I don't have thirty minutes to spare right now.  Do you?

Contact:  I don't have the time to do anything now.  

You:  I can really appreciate that and that is the reason I called.  This program is designed to fit into the schedule of busy people.  In fact we use a leveraging system that actually creates more spare time as you grow and become familiar with procedures.

Q:  Is it MLM? Is it Network Marketing?  

A:  Of course.  I'm talking about developing some serious ongoing residual income. You can't do that working a job can you?

Contact:  I'm just not interested , I don't think it's for me.  

You:  That's fine, let me put your name down in my diary and I'll give you a call around six months from now to let you know if I still have any positions available.

These are just some of many examples, over time you will be able to build upon these and tweak them to suit your own personal style to gain the best effect.  To learn more I recomend you go to and download your own copy of High Achievement Network Marketing by Jerry Clark.

Dealing with objections can help you grow in confidence in your Network Marketing endeavors.

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