Why Network Marketing?

Why Network Marketing?

There are many reasons for choosing this industry to replace our full time working income but, in this post I want to focus on why I believe this is the industry of the future and why more and more entrepreneurs are turning towards it to build their lifestyle of choice.

Lets talk about the simplicity of the business model and how our everyday actions can help us build a business and inject instant cash flow into our bank accounts.

Now this does not apply to every Network Marketing opportunity out there but it does cover many of the companies based around the wellness industry. 

What we do every week is spend money on the necessities of life, meaning we spend money buying body wash's, shampoo's, deodorant, washing powders and liquids, nutritional supplements ect.  

We happily use these products every day, have formed a trust with the makers and often tell our friends about them but interestingly we never receive any compensation for being loyal customers. We are essentially leaving money on the table, but it does not have to be this way.

Now there is a way for us to change this fact and its one of the easiest decisions we could ever make.   All we need to do is change the products we use everyday to a different brand, its as simple as that, and we start being paid for our purchases.

This is a business based around consumables meaning that there will always be a constant demand for products and that affords us the opportunity to position ourselves in a way that we can start earning extra money by not only purchasing the products ourselves but sharing the idea with other to build a compounding effect that will lead to greater returns.

Why not get paid for the products we use, we will essentially getting an instant return on our investment.  Not only do you get a refund on the price of your purchase but you also get the benefits of using safety conscious products that are missing a multitude of potentially harmful ingredients. 

Network Marketing companies on large but not always, manufacture a far
superior product range.  Superior health and well being matched with income earning potential, to me this is the perfect match.

The reason these marketing companies can afford to compensated there members on the purchases they make is because they employ a
different distribution model compared to that of a traditional business. 

Where network marketing companies save dollars by eliminating the  advertising, wholesalers, retailing, hiring sales forces, they are able to pass these savings back in part to the distributors buying the products and sharing the idea with others.

If this makes sense to you and you would like to know more, feel free to contact me and/or leave a message.

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