Why Modern Medicine Is Actually Benefiting The Wellness Industry.

First of all this is the opinion of myself and I make this with no official medical background or PHD, it is just an opinion made through my own observations, about things that have been going on in the world and are still presently going on in relation to the upward trend of modern medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies pursuing drugs as the be all and end all of disease elimination. They don't seem to be focusing on the root cause of the problems.

Have you noticed that the rates of cancer, heart attack, strokes, ADHD (to name a few) seem to be all on the rise? This is despite the fact we are being told that medicine is progressing in leaps and bounds and that the cure rates are far better than they ever have been. These details may be the case, but that doesn't solve the problem of why more and more people are being diagnosed with these problems to start with.

The big pharmaceutical companies are in business to make money and lots of it, so it makes perfect sense to have people believe they are being sold the best products on the market, when in actual fact it would appear these products can be doing more harm than good. It appears it actually pays to keep people unwell so there is always a constant demand for medication.

Have you ever noticed the side effects listed on the label of prescription medicine? A lot of the time the side effects listed are the exact problem that you are suffering from. With a more natural or nutritional approach it seems that the only real side effect is, you actually get better!

The longer modern medicine treats illness with drugs the more opportunities we in the Wellness Industry will have to show people
alternatives. There is more than enough evidence to suggest that today's medical approach to illness is just not working. On the flip side, people are slowly but surely becoming aware of the positive effects that nutrition and lifestyle changes can make.

With modern medicine seemingly creating many more problems than are actually being solved - thus leading to development of more treatments and actually seeming to be keeping people sick to ensure they buy more of these pharmaceuticals, the entrepreneurial person can seize the opportunity to help bring about positive change to the way people view their current situation regarding health and lifestyle.

If we can help solve peoples problems and show them ways to feel healthier, look better, slow down the effects of aging and (more importantly) prevent illness and disease from ever developing in the first place... then we will be on a path to prosper financially as well. Its all about making a difference.

There is unlimited potential for growth through an industry that promotes wellness in a world where our human existence is seemingly on a path of destruction, just by following the road that has been set down in front of us by the medical fraternity and by being told to accept this road as the norm instead of searching for solutions and answers elsewhere.

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