Have You Lost Your Job?

Have you lost your job?

We are going through one of the more uncertain and challenging times in history. Not only are people loosing their jobs but they are also loosing there ability to to make ends meet, and for a large majority all this is happening through no fault of their own. Peoples lively hoods are being snatched from right under their own noses due largely to the lock down measures rightly or wrongly forced onto us by the government in relation to the pandemic. The stress of losing a job can effect us all in many different ways, not only does it effect us financially but also socially and mentally which can take a heavy toll on your mood, relationships, and emotional health.

These government imposed rules are stopping the likes of you and I from being able to provide for ourselves and our families. This can serve as a lesson to us all now since they have been allowed to put these rules in place, there is nothing from stopping them from doing so again in the future. This should both make us scared that this could all happen again and also determined to safe guard ourselves from being in a position where we are reliant on a job for our sole source of income, and from the political leaders who seemingly have the power to do what they want these days, or so it seems in Australia at least.

So far I have been lucky, but that nearly was not the case which really made me stop and think, what if I lost my job? where too from here? how long will it be before I have another income stream coming in? Do I have enough savings to last me that long? What if something unexpected pops ups (as they nearly almost do when you can least afford it) that requires me to use what savings I do have?

Whether you believe in the pandemic or you believe there is something more sinister going on, the fact remains it is happening and the powers that be are making and forcing their decision on us whether we feel they are in our best interests or not and we are not getting a choice in the matter. This is something you'd think could only happen in a movie yet it is playing out in real life.

So How Are We Going To Safe Guard Ourselves From These Type Situations In The Future?

It may not seem like there are too many options to get out of this mess and to stay away from it if it ever decides to raise it's ugly head again, having said that all hope is not lost, we still have options, and you could probably think of many more than what I can.

You could always apply for a government job which would probably be quite secure, that is if it's a job you're still after. You could build an investment portfolio, but what do you have in that portfolio and do you have the spare cash needed that you would be willing to risk? You could try and build a business which is my preferred option, this also comes with risk and reward, but what doesn't? We need to keep our eyes open to all possibilities.

I have a few options I am working on for diversity, so if if one or two struggle then hopefully the third will have better luck. All business ideas involve an online aspect and one involves farming. Not everyone maybe fortunate enough to own land so I want to share some online work from home ideas that are very cheap to get started.

1. Is a Home Based Business that anyone can start and It can be built face to face but is also both online and mobile/cell phone friendly meaning it can be built using all three mediums. It is also a very low cost to get started with plenty of support and training. It revolves around promoting a company that's mission is to deliver the safest and most effective house hold and personal care products to the world by sharing their their live clean message, by doing this you can generate an income. I will be continuing building this website. Websites can be be monetized many different ways with some being through paid advertising on your site, you may have a product to sell or a service or certain skill you would like to promote, you can try affiliate marketing. 

The website building platform I use is SBI. It has been designed for people like me who are not very tech savvy, is easy to use and takes you step by step through the process of everything you need to do, it is an all in one product with no extra hidden charges. Find out more by clicking here.

2.As I mentioned earlier we also have a small farm which is certified Demeter Biodynamic and intend on bringing that up to speed and growing the highest quality produce we can. We will be producing grass fed beef and lamb, pomegranate fruit as well as other pomegranate related products, honey, rice, buckwheat and possibly a few other things as well. I also intend on making videos for Youtube, facebbook, and Instagram about the farm, how we operate and the products we produce.

What Will Having Your Own Profitable Work From Home Business Mean For You?

Ability to work and earn from home.

You wont loose your job because you are no longer an employee.

No need for border passes if you need to commute to work.

Stress will be greatly reduced as you are not worrying about loosing your job and being without an income.

You will be at far lesser risk from government forced shut downs, you are not longer at the mercy of the government.

You will be making sure that what happens to yourself and your family is controlled by you and no-one else.

You will have an ability to build a buffer.

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