The Importance Of Leadership

I have recently experienced a lesson in leadership that I would like to share, because following a leaders path and teachings is how we learn best, and this is also a quality we need to develop on our path to achieving success.  This story is not directly related to Network Marketing but I feel the principles are still the same.

I recently spent time back on the family farm where we are undertaking a period of capital improvements and the job that had top priority this time around was fence repair/replacement.

Now if anyone knows anything about fencing then you would agree with me that it is not the most exciting job in the world even at the best of times.

Fencing can be quite a physical job and there is an element of technical know how that go's along with it if you are planing on doing a good job that you are proud of and that will hopefully last the test of time.

Now for me, I was excited about how the end product was going to look and how much easier it was going to make the day to day operation of the farm but then, I was faced with a problem.  

The problem was that,  I was not particularly interested in doing the work required to get me to the end result, due manly to the fact that I was unsure of the best way to go about things, I didn't know where to start and what steps I had to take to make this a success.

And this is where leadership comes to the rescue.  Luckily for me my eldest brother was there to give me a helping hand.  He has a lot more experience than me in this area and was able to offer some much needed guidance and show me the skills required to not only build the fences but to build them correctly so they will last.

Having my brother there leading the way was a blessing.  What it did was not only show me the skills needed, but also set out a plan for us to follow from start to finish, the order in which we needed to complete the tasks efficiently, this ensured we did not waste any extra time or effort than we needed to.

I guess what I am trying to say is that, no matter what we are undertaking in life, whether it is fencing, cooking, driving a car for the first time or building our network marketing businesses, we will achieve far greater results if we learn our craft from a respected leader.  

These people are able to pass on the best knowledge, and set us up with the best game plan to succeed because they have been there in the trenches, made all the mistakes and are now able to pass on  what they have learnt, and prevent us from making the same mistakes and ultimately accelerating our own development.

Develop leadership qualities in the Wellness Industry

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