With job cuts and uncertainty in the world, people are looking for ways to safeguard their futures.

Unless you have been living in another world during the past couple of years, you are more than likely aware of the current global financial situation and how it is affecting the livelihoods of millions of families around the world.

With fuel, electricity, gas and food prices rising, coupled with company down-sizing/layoffs due to a declining demand for their products in an uncertain economy, reality has hit hard and people are now staring down the path of the unknown. And for most, this is a very scary time.

Unfortunately most people will try to ride out the current economic crisis by simply striving to keep their heads above water, by switching from one job to another, if one can be found. Many of these individuals and families may be able to tread water for a year or two but may eventually find themselves drowning in a sea of debt.

How are we going to turn this around? We need to change the rules of the game, we need to find a way for people to transform from employees to entrepreneurs. And the select who are able to change there mindset and are willing to make the transformation will be able to look beyond the crisis we face and seek out the many opportunities that are currently being created.

It's a fact that more millionaires were made in the great depression of the 1930's than any other time in history, and there is no reason that we will not see a repeat this time around. Why? Because there were back then and still are now so many problems to solve and the people who came up with a solution were the ones who prospered.

The best way to safeguard our future is to create it. Have you noticed if you do the same thing as everyone else, you will inevitably end up at the same place as everyone else, usually in the rat race never really getting ahead.

A key ingredient to improving the way we live is innovation. When innovators work on urgent problems and deliver solutions to people in need, the results can be staggering. . .people can transform themselves from having nothing to having anything they desire.

Have a clear vision of where you want to be in the future, you will also need a plan to follow as well as (and probably most importantly) a rock solid commitment to take action and follow your plan through to the end. It's all well and good to say you want all these things, but nothing is going to happen unless you take action.

It is up to you to find a business model that suits you. I have chosen the Wellness Industry for two reasons. 1) because I get the chance to help people with two of the biggest issues we face today Health and Wealth. 2) Because of the unlimited potential for growth for decades to come. It is also an industry driven by results that is . . .when people like me hear stories of the lives they’ve helped to improve, they want to do more, not less, and a snowball effect starts.

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