The Ionic Colloidal Minerals Advantage

What's better? Colloidal Minerals vs Ionic Colloidal Minerals. You may have heard about colloidal minerals and the positive effects that they can have on the body when taken, but are you aware of the Ionic variety? Until very recently I was not aware of them either but since discovering and doing a little research on the two different forms of minerals I found that the Ionic colloidal minerals have far superior advantages to that of the plain colloidal type, and here's why.

Minerals can generally be found in two different forms. The first form is that of a colloid, where minerals are suspended in a stable form. In this stable form, the minerals are evenly distributed throughout the medium in which they are suspended.

Minerals in this colloid state are held in large, organised patterns, where by they remain in suspension without settling out. Colloidal minerals are not readily absorbed by the body due to the absence of an electrical charge and their relatively large size, unlike other mineral forms. In fact, one definition of a colloid is as a substance that when suspended in a liquid phase, will not easily diffuse through a living membrane. (1) Colloid arrangements are unable to pass through the membrane which lines the digestive tract, from the mouth all the way out.

It is argued that colloidal mineral forms are more easily dispersed in the body; however, this does not improve their absorption. In fact, it is necessary for the body to break these minerals down into smaller constituents in order for them to be absorbed.

Ionic minerals, on the other hand, are easily transported across the highly selective cell membranes of the human digestive tract. Because ionic minerals are charged, the body has to employ less energy in order to absorb these minerals. Colloidal minerals must be dismantled, into smaller parts, and obtain an electrical charge in order to cross the intestinal membrane. This electrical gradient allows for the easy flow of ionic minerals from an area of higher concentration (intestines) to an area of lesser concentration (cells ofthe body). The body assists in this process by further charging ions during the course of the digestive process.

The body absorbs ionic minerals with greater efficacy than colloidal minerals, as colloids must undergo the complete processes of digestion into smaller charged particles, and even after under going these processes; the body utilises not all of the colloid mineral form, just as not all foods eaten are completely utilised. (2) Even though colloidal minerals (including calcium) are easily absorbed into the body they have a very low bio-availability. In other words, they may not be much more effective than licking chalk as a source for calcium. On the other hand, ionic minerals are totally bio-available. Results are immediate. In other words, from the first taste of your ionic drink all the valuable nutrients go to work.

(1) Dorland’s medical illustrated dictionary, 24th edition

(2) Dreosti IE. Recommended dietary intakes of iron, zinc, and other inorganic nutrients and their chemical form and bio-availability. Nutrition 1993 Nov-Dec;9(6):542-5.

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