Find Your Why

Have you ever heard the phrase " you need to find your why"?  What is your why?  What is your purpose for pushing on, what is providing your driving force,  what pours fuel on your fire, Is it the vision of  freedom?  The ability to stay home with your family?  To change your current financial situation?  Or all of the above?

Recently I have seen this question pop up more and more which made me think, what does this really mean?  And then given that we find our why, how can we best use it to mold our actions to be more purposeful moving forward?

Knowing our why gives us a strong sense of purpose, a passion, it's what keeps us awake at night thinking about all the possibilities that lie ahead, it's our motivation and it's what gives us a spring in our step and a reason to get out of bed in the morning

Not knowing “why” we do what we do can make it near on impossible to have a clear vision of what we want.  Finding your why could be the difference between winning or loosing, giving up or pushing on.

If our why is simply just a means to an end then we will never really have anything to look forward to or to strive for, we will simply be going through the motions day in day out and before we know we will be stuck in a rut with seemingly no where to go.

Sometimes we don't really find our why until we have been through some form of trauma and we are forced to re evaluate our lives and the direction we are headed.  Our thoughts shift from a poor me victim of circumstance mentality to an acceptance of the past and present, and gives a strong self beliefe that we are now in total control of what happens in the future and we are no longer going to let anyone or anything stand in our way of our future plans.

Once you find your why, nothing is going to stand in the way of achieving your goals because both your head and  heart will be 100% engaged.

When our why is strong enough we tend to let go of our fears, our limiting beliefs, and find the courage to start taking the necessary steps to change our current circumstances that we are not happy with.  Our vision is clear and we can plan ahead the things that need to be done.  We attack our challenges with purpose and clarity.

Find your why and discover the power of starting your own business.

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