My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear when starting out in network marketing is still with me today, albeit on a slowly diminishing scale. 

So what would cause me so much trepidation? Rejection, not feeling worthy to share an idea with others, why should they listen to me? Who am I to show people a way to overcome financial hardship when I have not escaped the rat race myself?  What is this person going to say about me? 

These are what i call very limiting fears because they have the potential to hold us back and stop us from doing the things we want and need to do in order to get us to where we want to be.

These fears are not something that are easily overcome but, they are definitely things we can overcome given the right desire, dedication and willingness to transform ourselves. 

How long will it take to transform ourselves?  Who knows, but I would recommend that we do not set our sights on instant success because the chances are very high that this will not happen and is very likely to lead to more frustration and anxiety about our current circumstances.

We should expect disruption along the way. Things happen in life that we could never anticipate. Our path to change is going to be littered with obstacles, distractions and people trying to knock you off course.

Change doesn't happen overnight. The next few weeks, months and even years will be full of small failures. These aren't due to any oversight on your part, it's just part of the learning process.

I recently read a book titled "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson and there was one quote that really shot out to me because it is something that I have been experiencing in my quest to overcome my fears.  "When you start at the begining of anything, you're at the highest level of anxiety.  As you learn-through study and doing, information and experience, book smarts and street smarts-you gradually lower your level of anxiety by raising your level of mastery".

Our journey to financial freedom starts with personal development.  Read books and listen to Cd's on the subject your having trouble with, seek guidance from someone you know who has been there and done that, start associating more with people in your chosen field who have had success and are willing to share there stories.

This is not only a journey to financial freedom but more importantly a journey of personal development, gaining the skills we need in order to build the lifes we want. By developing ourselves first, we are setting the platform for growth both personally and financially.

Remember, even the smallest changes are indicators that you're on the right path. Be patient, breathe, and relax.  Just take one small step at a time, it may not feel like your getting anywhere but over time you will realize how far you've come.

Release fear and build confidence

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