Dream Board

I'm sure we have all heard of a dream board at on stage or another, and whether or not you think they are of any use or not I would like to point out why I think they have merit and what they could do for you to help achieve your goals.

It was only the other day that I fully realized the benefits of a dream board. I'd been feeling rather flat and unmotivated for the previous couple of weeks and had a growing list of things to do but I was lethargic and had a bad case of the dreaded brain fog. I knew I need to drag myself out of this and get things started but my mind and body just didn't want to play the game.

Later on that day whilst still in the middle of a motivation slump, I was surfing around on the internet when I came across a picture of a new house with a lavish outdoor area that had a pool with all the bells and whistles. New lavish homes are things that really float my boat and I love to think about and dream about them and whenever I see these types of houses my mind immediately goes into over drive thinking about how good it would be to own one and what I'd need to do to be able to afford the luxury of owning one.  Something as simple as this immediately piqued my interest and before long I found my mind snapped back into gear, it was like I suddenly had purpose to my life and my motivation started to rise again.

It can be so easy to loose sight of the big picture especially when you have been weighed down with work commitments or unexpected nasties happen like mounting bills, relationship issues etc. You will often find though that it doesn't take much to snap yourself out of one of these flat spots if you can just find the right stimulus, something that is unique and exciting to you, that has worked in the past to positively switch your emotions from doom and gloom to there is light at the end of the tunnel, something that gets you in the mood, to snap out of your current state and back into a state where you are motivated once again.

It doesn't have to be called a dream board as such if you don't like that word or if you think its to Tony Robbinsy. You can call it whatever you like, in fact it doesn't need a name, after all a name is just a name. What you do want it to do though is to help you keep your mind on the job, the big picture, to keep you motivated and driven because once we are in that zone that's when we are most productive and more likely to make things happen.

You may be a picture based person or someone who is more fascinated or excited by words/descriptions of what you want or you may be someone who is into motivational quotes. Use whatever it is that helps you, excites you and inspires you to take action and place it in a spot where you are likely to see it everyday.

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