Distribution = Dollars

Distribution is simply a method of moving products from the manufacturer to the consumers. In a traditional distribution system, a manufacturer can spend tons of money on all sorts of professional agencies and marketing channels to promote and move there products. These products can go through a number of hands before they reach the store where the retail sales of the good are usually made.

The manufacturer of the product usually receives around 20% of the retail price with the remaining 80% being shared by the middle man and the retailers involved in the distribution process. Many retailers place a 400% mark up on products.

Network Marketing companies are able to tap into this 80% (that would normally be lost to the middleman in a conventional retail business) by allowing there members to buy directly from the factory at a wholesale price and in return the members get paid the profits that would traditionally have gone to the middleman.

As every marketing professional, Hollywood producer, and corporate giant knows, the single most powerful form of promotion in the world is word of mouth. That's why television commercials spend millions to hire actors to talk just like your mum, your spouse, your best friend, and your kids: They are imitating personal word of mouth.

Network Marketing companies use word of mouth because they also know that it is the most effective form of advertising at the lowest possible cost! Instead of spending millions of dollars on advertising, products are distributed through relationships where there is trust, integrity, and credibility.

You are able to introduce something that you are passionate about into the market and distribute through that fashion. Once again , a large percentage of the money that is saved by not following the traditional marketing and distribution models is now passed back to the members.

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