Distribution of products is where a lot of money is made. Think about how a product gets from the manufacturers to the shops and into the customers hands. You don’t need to own or invent your own products because you can get in on the distribution of an existing product. Starting a distribution business is not nearly as complicated as you may think and does not always require a large sum of capital to purchase trucks, vans and storage area or even inventory.

It may not be worth while stressing over an idea of a product to make.  Don't feel like you need a product or service to sell, if you are struggling to come up with an idea of a product or service, it may be a good idea to look into how you can move someone else’s product that you like or think people will benefit from. Find what best aligns with you, something that you are passionate about or could become passionate about, something that you think will enrich other people’s lives and something that people need the world over.

Selling your own product is not the only way to build an income. You need not worry about coming up with that one idea that will change the world, inventing the next new product that everyone just has to have. You don’t need to worry about how you are going to manufacture the product or how to raise the capitol for all the R&D and to get the product off the ground and into the market place. Chances are, there are already quality products made in a niche that you are passionate about that just need people like you and me to promote and get them out into the market place, and that is where there is limitless earning potential for anyone who has the drive to succeed.

It is not always the product developer that cashes in on their own product. Think about all the people benefiting from being part of the distribution chain to get this product into the hands of customers. It may involve trucks, trains, air freight or even boats, there are marketers, publishers and advertisers, sales men and women, store rooms and shop owners. There are probably people I am missing here but as you can see all these people will be getting their own percentage of the pie, so It is not just the person who invents and produces the product that makes money, but a whole host of others can also benefit from being part of the distribution system.

Companies have already invested time, money and other resources to develop products, marketing and advertising but still need help, or would rather outsource the distribution to move the product. The wellness industry is an area that is experiencing tremendous growth right now and is also an area where you do not need your own product to base a business around. If you would like to be in the business of promoting a healthier lifestyle through the use of everyday lifestyle products that have been designed to complement our health and make us look and feel good, simply click here to find out more.

Set up a distribution chain, become the middle man/woman and reap the rewards. Learn more about distribution here

Benefits Of Building A Distribution Network Through Online Shopping

  • No product r&d
  • No marketing advertising or sales funnel costs
  • No Inventory or stock pile storage issues
  • Product is shipped directly from the ware house to the customer, logistics is taken care of
  • Book work and accounting is all done for you, no need to keep track of purchases/sales
  • Business is built by word of mouth, a mobile app or over the internet
  • No requirement for office space or building
  • No employees needed therefore no payroll issues or obligations
  • Business can be built from home, in town/city, or on holiday
  • No set hours, you are your own boss, what you put into it is what you get out of it
  • Business can be built locally, nationally or globally
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