Dairy Food And Back Pain

For a long time I never wanted to except that dairy foods could be the reason for my back problems, I was aware that it affected my knees as well as creating a mucus build up / stuffy sinus and I thought I could live with that in moderation but, I just didn't want to believe it was the reason for so much pain and discomfort in my back. It was just another small part of my life I could no longer get to enjoy if I had to give it away.

I love dairy food and don't want to give it away, and I especially love a good flat white coffee or cuppachino, but I was left with a dilemma, what do I want more? Do I want to indulge in dairy foods and drinks that I love and taste so good or do I want my body to be able to function properly? At the end of the day you cant beat moving around pain free. Sometimes we take for granted the feeling of having pain free mobility but once you have been dealing with pain for an extended period then find out the cause and how to fix it, it gives you a new lease on life.

Living with back tightness shouldn't have to be a life sentence

he link between dairy food and back pain

aching joints, knees, back

tightness through the hips, hip flexors, sacrum, lower back, knee tendon soreness

inability to perform simple exercises like a body weight squat due to pain in and around the knees hips and back

within a week of staying off dairy food I had noticed a dramatic change in what I was able to do

anxiety decreased

I love a good flat white or cappuccino so I had to decide which one do I want to live without

simple activities like climbing up and down stairs were done with a moderate amount of discomfort due to pain in the knee tendons above and below he knee caps.

the simple act of bending sown to pick things up off the ground was a struggle because of the tightness and the pain it caused in all my joints

any strenuous bike riding would cause pain a lactic acid type burn/pain in my lower back that lead to tightness

any form of exercise that included legs and back would result in back spasms for the next couple of days

when stretching does actually work

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