Why Attend Your Companies Annual Convention?

I have to admit that this is only the second Company Convention that I have attended with more than a couple of years in between each one. However,   I am glad I made the effort, as I was among over 1500 other positive like minded people  -   all with the goal of achieving more in their lives .

At Convention you are able to share in the excitement and hear not only about the features of the products and business plan but also real life accounts of the benefits which  the industry as a whole has to offer. 

We heard stories from people who have come from losing nearly all they had, others having the banks knocking on their door telling them they have run out of chances and they have no other option but to sell their  land so they can pay back their debts. 

Then we heard their remarkable stories of transformation, of how they got up off the canvas to not only pay back their debts but to also become financially free in the process, and to assist others to do the same.   And now  they and others never need worry about money again  -   all thanks to the network marketing industry.

Also at Convention you have the chance to mingle amongst “the who's who” of the industry and share business hints and tips you can use for your own success.

People also willingly share their stories of how different products have positively impacted their lives.

People are acknowledged, awarded and applauded on stage for their efforts and achievements in the industry.

For me one of the biggest highlights was to listen to the guest/motivational speakers.  Of these,  2 men blew me away  . . . not only with their life stories but also with the energy, enthusiasm and positivity they brought to the stage:

Their names are Sam Cawthorn and Shaun Quincey and here is a snippet of there stories.

Sam Cawthorn.

Sam is a thought leader and expert in not only bouncing back, but especially in "bouncing forward". He is the CEO for Empowering Enterprises and has been featured in USA Today and the New York Times. He was also the 2009 Young Australian of the Year for Tasmania.

In October 2006 Sam's life changed forever when he was involved in a major accident, Sam was hospitalised for over 5 months and was told that he may not survive and best case was that if he was to survive he may never walk again. He had also lost his right arm from just above his elbow.

A year later he defied all odds taking his first steps into a new life, where his story would continue to inspire and change the lives of Australians and people all over the world.

Sam's story is simple, yet his message of Bouncing Forward demonstrates the awesome power and strength found within the human spirit when faced with the choice to continue living as a victim or to seize the opportunity to 'live'.

Shaun Quincey.

Shaun is an inspiring guest speaker whose story will entertain, amaze and inspire you in equal parts. In 2010, adventurer Shaun, 24,
rowed solo from Australia to New Zealand – the first person to complete the journey solo since his father 33 years previously crossed from New Zealand to Australia. .

Over the course of 53 days he battled 20 metre swells, crashed into a sperm whale, capsized twice, battled the elements, crossed
4,900km (swimming the last 300 metres!) and shaved ten days off of his father's time while raising money for New Zealand Surf Life
Saving Association.

Shaun's story is one of courage, loneliness, and determination fueled by the will to succeed.

I found that I left the convention with a stronger belief in the network marketing business and  the Company.   There was a strong sense of community throughout the weekend,   with one stand- out quote that I like and think sums up this industry, "You are in business for yourself, but you are not in business by yourself". 

Attending this Convention helped me to realise even more strongly that this is a people business and the only way to get ahead is to help others achieve.

Convention to Home Based Business

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