Why Chelated Minerals?

Chelated minerals should be the first thing on your mind if your thinking about or are already supplementing your vitamin and mineral intake with tablets. Why? Well here's a bit of information about absorbability of these nutrients into the body.

There is a lot of advertising going around now promoting all different types of vitamins and minerals and the positive effects that they can have on the body, because they can stack every vitamin and mineral from A to Z into one small tablet, which is not a bad thing.

But! Something that is not mentioned on the bottle of vitamins is the absorbability value of the product. It may have all the nutrients in the world but if they are not in a form that is readily absorbable by the body then you may still be missing out on a lot of the value they have to offer.

So what's a good way of checking that the tablets will bee easily absorbed? Check on the bottle for the word Chelate or chelated. It may read something like this, calcium amino acid chelate, zinc amino acid chelate or manganese amino acid chelate. But hang on a minute,what other forms of minerals are out there and what does chelated mean?

Well the first form and the most commonly used in nutritional supplements is in a metallic form, they are generally the least expensive form of mineral but they have one big downside, they are only around 5 to 8% absorbable. Now when you have a chelated mineral, which simply means that a metallic mineral has been wrapped with a protein or amino-acid coat, for example.

"If you were to take a metallic calcium molecule that is only5% absorbable and coat it with a protein molecule, introduce it into the digestive tract of your body and your intestinal mucosa, the walls of the small intestine thinks its protein and absorption just went to50%" (Death by Default. Doctor E Jackson Stockwell).

So you can already see the advantages of how a little research can dramatically increase the efficiency of the products that you are planning on taking. Chelated minerals = more bio available or usefulfor the body = better results. You can get your chelated minerals here.

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