Network Marketing Check List

Here is a check list for you to consider when choosing the right Network Marketing Company for you. Not all companies are equal in the way they do business so it pays to do a little background research and see how each one stack's up.

Is the company over ten years old and financially stable?

Does the company invest in research and development?

Are the products highly consumable?

Are the products unique and not available in normal retail outlets?

Does the company manufacture most of its own products?

Is there a high anual retention rate of people?

Does the compensation plan include a hybrid component?

Is there a compression component built in for payment in depth?

Does the company pay $ for $ on a high percent of it products?

Are there car and mortgage programs, plus travel incentives?

Is there a simple duplicatable training system available?

Is there a large international presence with national confrences and leadership events?

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