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When setting out to build a business in the network marketing arena many people make the mistake of promoting the products ahead of
the business plan it's self.  Now this is all well and good if your potential associate is only interested in becoming a product user but can become disconcerting to that person if they are more interested in listening to the business and how they can use it to overcome their financial hardship.

So when it comes time to talk about the business plan you should keep on that topic and not drift over to talking about all the products, a lot of people who agree to listen to the business opportunity want to hear about the business and how it can change their current lifestyle and financial situation and are not overly concerned about what the products are, what they are made of, and if this product has ingredients XYZ.  

All the talk about the products at this stage is irrelevant to building a business and here is an example why.  Would you  buy one handful of dust per month at a cost of $200 if it was going to give you a return of $1000 to $2000p/m or greater?  Of course you would, even though you are buying a handful of completely useless dust it makes perfect business sense to be able to part with a small amount of money to receive a much larger some of money in return.

When you talk to much about the products you come across more of a sales person than a business person, and this can pose as a problem for the people you are trying to introduce to the business idea.  Think of the last time you went to town looking for something and a persistent sales person came up to you trying to sell you a product or service that you didn't really want or had very little interest in.  It makes you want to get out of there as quick as you can.  No-one that I know likes to be sold to especially myself.

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