Achieving Better Health

Wanting to achieve better health? "Disease is never caused by bad luck! It's always cause and effect, and the outcome of virtually any disease can be altered or reversed through nutrition". (Mike Adams Health Ranger)
At Betterhealthworx our aim is to help people searching for alternative's to modern day medicines and medical procedures to free themselves from sickness and disease, free themselves from prescription drugs and find new and natural ways to heal and re-energize their body's. We believe that there is no one on earth more qualified at healing than the doctor that lives inside every one of us.

Get the full Video here: Food Matters TV

The journey to good health can sometimes feel too over whelming to
start, with the stress of today's lifestyle, toxins, environmental damage, pollution, radiation and the chemicals we use all place enormous demands on our health and well being, but its now more than ever we have to do everything possible to protect our greatest asset - our health.

It is know becoming more evident that your brain, nervous system and
digestive system all thrive on foods that are biochemically compatible
with your body. Feeding these systems with the correct nutrition will
help your immune system unlock its incredible healing potential that
has always been there but may never have had the chance to work
effectively. Here is a little video by Phillip Day, who is the author
of Cancer: Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth, World Without AIDS,
and Health Wars.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired? How good would it be if you never
had to hear or say that again? This could all be achievable with just a few simple changes to your life style, changes so simple they can be put in place today or at the very latest, the next time you go shopping. Good health is not that complicated, once you become aware of a cause to a problem, then the solution will be right there with it. Example, if you find that you get side effects like a head ache from using a cleaning product/chemical then simply replace with an alternative. If you find that you are allergic to a certain food then don't eat it. If you find yourself suffering from a deficiency then find some quality supplements or foods that will address the issue, its that easy. Simple steps like this can yield amazing results that can ultimately lead to you achieving better health. My health has change dramatically and I have not been sick since August 2006.

If you have not yet watched the Food Matters video above, click here to have a look . Food Matters cuts through any confusion regarding health and well-being and also reveal how a poor diet coupled with a pill-popping dependency serves the longevity of big business - but not you. In the words of featured nutritional therapy expert Dr. Andrew Saul, “Good health makes a lot of sense, but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars”. Experts such as Charlotte Gerson explain that the human body is self-curative when it functions in good health. She is adamant that “a normal healthy body can not and will not develop cancer or any other illness for that matter”. Conversely, when our innate healing systems become damaged by an un-natural diet and a toxic environment, disease manifests.

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