Tax Advantages For Network Marketing Businesses

Here is a list of tax advantages/deductions you may be able to claim for your own business. Keep in mind that you may not be able to claim all of these idea's as tax laws can vary between countries, state's, and territories. Just ask your accountant for clarification, he/she may even have extra's.

The initial investment you paid to start your business

Operating and depreciation costs of your business equipment (eg office equipment such as computers, faxes, furniture etc.)

Phone calls, faxes, and internet expenses.

Car expenses-including depreciation, km's/mileage, fuel, repairs and maintenance

Business software and management tools, which also includes websites, office stationary etc.

Marketing materials.

A percentage of rent or mortgage costs (for the space you use to operate your business).

A percentage of utility bills such as gas, electricity, water Household maintenance or improvement costs such as repairs or structural changes (eg air conditioning).

Travel and accommodation - Did you do any work on that holiday?

Property taxes and insurance.

Restaurant meals, entertainment and dinner parties.

Education and training also includes books, software, conferences or weekly/monthly meetings.

Security systems.

Moving expenses.

Tax preparation, accounting and record keeping fees

Return From Network Marketing Tax Advantages To Home Based Business

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