Growing In Confidence

This is a subject that I would love to get a bit of feed back on because I believe that this is a very common and real problem among many people today trying to forge their way ahead in the Network Marketing arena.

Being involved in an industry that is primarily based on people interaction, I have to admit that I am someone who struggles with this concept.  You see I have always been the introverted type of person who suffers from a lack of confidence especially when it comes to meeting new people and striking up a conversation.

I seem to be filled with anxiety, a fear of not being able to say the right things, fear of being rejected and feeling embarrassed when I go to ask people about their current situation and if they would be open to the idea of looking at a new type of business venture that could ultimately change the way they live their life.

I have put some thought into this over the past couple of years and I believe my lack of confidence comes from a lack of knowledge of the subject that I am trying to communicat about.  And when you think about it, if you are talking to someone about / this industry and you are yet to fully understand it yourself,   then if this person starts firing out questions that you don't know how to answer properly, it can make you feel a little uncomfortable and embarrassed,   and your self confidence can take a hit.

I have  found 2 ways to best overcome these obstacles :-

1st.  Read, read as many books as you can on the subject you want more confidence in. For me I read books on health, network marketing, and people and personality types. I find these books very beneficial because I am interested in health and the human body. Network Marketing is an industry that excites me and one that I promote. 

Finally, this industry is a people- business and everyone has a unique personality.  There is also a famous quote I hear pop up all the time regarding people wanting change  and to build a bigger brighter future, to take charge of their lives and to help lead many others to do the same.          "Not all readers are Leaders but all Leaders are readers".

2nd. I discovered the power of the internet.  By that I mean, after many hours of research on the internet I was introduced to the idea of making my own site and blogging.  So how has this got anything to do with self confidence?  Well, it's another form of communication that lets me be able to express myself and send my ideas out to who ever may read them.

One of the best ways to learn is to actually teach, and by communicating what I have learnt I am actually solidifying the knowledge in my own mind.   This way information- retention is increased and I am more likely to fish out that knowledge next time it's required. 

I share the things I have learnt, the mistakes I have made and also things that people may find helpful.  All this is done without knowing who is going to be reading these points.  And because no-one is there in front of me, questioning me or belittling what I’m saying,  then I have found that there is no anxiety and my confidence even takes a boost.

Feel free to leave some feed back in the comments section below.

Do you have the confidence required for Network Marketing?

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