How To Not Sound Like A Sales Pitch.

Ever wondered how to strike up a conversation regarding your Network Marketing business opportunity without sounding like a sales pitch? 

There are many different ways we can do this and the the truth is there is no exact right or wrong way to go about it.  Having said that,  I believe there are a few fundamentals we need to become better at to increase our chances of a successful conversation.

1.  We want to remain calm and not feel like we have to rush things, remember there is no set time to introduce the business model, so don't feel pressured that you need to make things happen straight away, if it doesn't happen today don't worry, there will nearly always be another time or meeting. 

2.  Relax, let the topic come out in the flow of a normal conversation.  Placing undue pressure on ourselves makes us feel uneasy, nervous, anxious, and with all these things going on we can become tongue tied and our ability to convey our message takes a hit.

3.  Try not to over think the situation, you are just asking a simple question or briefly explaining what you do nothing more nothing less.  We don't want to over complicate things so it is important to keep what your saying as simple as possible. 

In the initial stages all we should be worried about is finding out if there is any interest shown by the prospect.  If so we can set up another meeting and progress to the next step in the recruitment process to turn our prospect into a potential business partner.

4.  Do not feel like you have to answer every question that gets thrown your way.  It has been said that the less we say the better, meaning when the questions start flowing in we direct them to a third party source ie, a CD, video, or literature put out by the company or even a phone call from your sponsor.

From Sales Pitch to Home Based Business.

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