Strive for Progress, not Perfection

Why should we strive for progress and not perfection?   Because choosing progress means getting started . . .then proceeding,  and many of us have trouble doing just that.

One of the biggest problems we face when setting out to achieve our goals is the ability to get started,   and one of the main reasons for this is that we want to get everything right straight away, we want immediate satisfaction,  we are aiming for perfection from the get go.  

The reason that  this poses a problem is that we are worried our plans may not go exactly according to the way we have envisioned.  So
we hold back, we fuss over the little things, we constantly readjust, rearrange or redesign and we search for ways to improve the ideas,
without ever really getting started and giving it a go.   

In the end very little ever gets done.  So striving for for perfection can
ultimately lead to procrastination . .  and procrastination is one of the biggest killers of success ._

When we strive to make progress we are motivated to take on challenges we would otherwise find intimidating, it helps us to break down our goals and we start to move ahead step by step.   Even if we make mistakes and have failures along the way,  at least that is a sign of progress, a sign that we are moving forward and at the very least we have something to learn from.
I recently heard it said  that getting started sloppily is way better than not getting started perfectly.  And i couldn't agree
with them any more.  Too often we let perfectionism stand in the way of progress.  So as soon as we can learn to let go and accept
that everything we do will not be without fault,   then we can truly allow our creative side to shine.

Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results. ~ (Keith Cunningham).

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