Never Take On More Than You Can Handle

Why should you never take on more than you can handle?  If there is something worth doing then we may as well do it ourselves right?  That rings true in many situations but when it come to building something of utmost importance then it is critical that we do things in a manner that will get it done with the results we are after.

Unfortunately its far to easy to think that we can do it all, this is something that I dare say most of us can relate to.  Biting of more than we can chew.  Thinking that we can do everything that needs to be done in a short amount of time. 

To have a list of things to do and to think that if we chop and change between tasks, to chip away little by little, we will be able to accomplish all we set out to do.  The reality is that this is very unlikely to pan out as we planned.

The more we take on the more snowed under we can feel, we have more thoughts racing through our minds, more problems can arise that takes more time, energy and patience to fix, as well as our stress levels sky rocketing.  We can get lost in a sea of ever growing problems and set backs, and we start to become disillusioned about the whole situation at hand.

Never Take On More Unless You Can Make It Work For You

We need to break things down to there most simplest forms.  Start with the big picture in mind then dissect it into smaller more manageable blocks.

We need to make a list of the things we need to complete and rank them on a scale of most important to least important, what is the most urgent job and what is a job that can wait?  We should make every attempt to only start a new job once the current task has reached completion. 

If it is necessary to get help if and when required, then we should do so, because as they say "many hands make light work", and sometimes just a little help is all we need to get us over the line and keep us moving forward.

If we focus on to many things at once our ability to to concentrate on the task at hand diminishes.  Focus on what you can do in the moment, get the little thing out of the way so they don't come back as clutter when you go to tackle the big issues.

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