The Three Causes Of Sickness
And Disease

There are three distinct principles/causes with virtually every sickness and disease.

Principle 1: A deficiency in something the body needs. (Nutrients, Water, Sunlight, ect)

Principle 2: An excess of something the body doesn't need. (Toxins, Undigested Food, Chemicals,Drugs, ect)

Principle 3: A lack of flow in the body. (Circulation, Bioenergy Flow, Lymph Circulation, Transportation of Nutrients or Metabolic Waste)

Just two or three significant underlying physiological or biochemical problems can manifest themselves in a hundred different ways, depending on circumstances. Each of these hundred different manifestations is given a different "Disease" name by conventional medicine. But they are just expressions of deeper, more fundamental imbalances such as simple nutritional deficiencies, excess toxicity, chronic dehydration or a lack of circulation.

Correct the underlying imbalances, and the so called diseases disappear. (The body heals itself.)

Keys To Addressing Principle 1: DEFICIENCY

Supplement your diet with quality high-density whole food-based nutritional supplements and super foods.

Get sensible exposure to natural sunlight on a regular basis, which is crucial for the production of vitamin D.

Drink more water more regularly, make it your primary beveridge.

Get quality sleep. Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep each night to be healthy.

Keys To Addressing Principle 2: EXCESS / TOXINS

Eliminate processed/manufactured foods from your diet. These foods can contain toxic synthetic chemicals.

Eliminate all conventional home care and personal care products from your life: Shampoo, deodorant, soap, cleaners,detergents, hair spray, cosmetics, ect. Replace them with all with a SAFE line of products.

There are companies out there that deliver high quality nutritional products as well as SAFE home care and personal care products that are free from potentially harmful chemicals/toxins, There is a company that I strongly recommend that covers all bases but the choice is yours, so do some study.

Drink filtered water whenever possible.

Eliminate prescription drugs for good. Dont quit them cold turkey, but work with a qualified physician to wean yourself off the drugs as your health improves.

Stop using toxic chemicals on your lawn and gardens.

Keys To Addressing Principle 3: LACK OF FLOW

Engage in regular physical exercise, anything that gets your blood moving.

Avoid dairy products as they promote stagnation.

Eat more live foods (fresh raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds) every day.

If you have a desk job, get up every 30 minutes and move your body.

Try to reduce chronic stress. Stress stops blood flow because it creates muscle tension.

Mike Adams (2006), Natural Health Solutions, Incubation Books Ventura CA 93001, pp. 169-173.

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